I'm an Interaction Designer living in the Washington D.C area. I currently work at AOL as a Principal User Experience Designer. This website is a showcase of the work I have done so far. View my portfolio or read more about me.


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Featured Project: AOL Photo Management

The Content Management System (CMS) is the nerve center of any publishing operation. AOL's publshing platform is no different- its large, complex both from a technology and design perspective.


The Photo Management Tool is responsible for the lifecycle of a photo from ingestion, management, distribution to publication (AOL has millions of photos in its database and thousands coming in every day). I was responsible for gathering requirements, designing the interaction models and the user interface for the tool. Challenges included reconciling requirements from different businesses with varying task flows, priorities and dealing with legacy systems.

This year long project was primarily defined by its scale and complexity of data. Extensive design research was crucial in building a solid foundation to the project. We analyzed over 30 user flows and abstracted data elements like DRM, User Types and other photo related concepts that would be used in the user interface.

The Design Research phase resulted in a concept document that provided a baseline user interface. From this point on, we went into an iterative/ agile mode where we designed and developed the product in 4 week sprints. This allowed us to remain flexible in our designs and respond quickly to user patterns and feedback.