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AOL Photo Management System

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I was fortunate to have the opportunity to completely redesign a significant component of AOL's CMS- its Photo Management System, which housed about 5 million photos that the photo editors and journalists used in almost every article, serving billions of page views.

The tool not only worked as a repository of photos from partners and photo shoots, but also managed the entire photo life cycle including acquisition, search, rights management, assignments, publishing, billing and administration.

This was a complex project, and required immersion in the subject matter. Challenges included reconciling requirements from different businesses with varying task flows, priorities and dealing with legacy systems.


I paired with a photo editor to form the product team. We collaborated closely with the rest of the photo team (it's users) to gather requirements and conceptualize an efficient and productive tool. I also was the produce designer on this project, I worked with the technology team to plan and execute the project roadmap.

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